Justin has spent the last two years sailing the Atlantic, working in the Caribbean and Palma, and recently, was chosen to surf for South Africa at the World Games in Costa Rica.

Now back in South Africa, he teaches various ages, nationalities ( and sizes..) how to surf, or to improve on their abilities. Even if you’re a beginner or have never surfed, join him at Bing Surf School for a lesson. His experience in numerous local and international competitions and ability to ride any surfboard gives him an insight into tailoring a personalized surf coaching program for you.
His passion is the ocean and sharing a love for it, and there are a number of important lessons to be learned before being able to catch and ride a wave.

Respect for the ocean and beaches, understanding the sea conditions before paddling out, what to do in an emergency, CPR and looking out for fellow surfers.

Waves are precious, surfing is fun and more people are competing for their share of the ‘stoke’. There are unwritten ‘guidelines’ that need to be understood, allowing you to surf safely, competently, and be part of the fun, surfing lifestyle. This is all part of the program.

So, if you’d like to start surfing, or try it out, have fun with your family, give a lesson as a birthday present, get fit, enjoy a day on the beach, or do something different when you’re in Cape Town, please mail me and we can set up your surf lesson.

Lets have some fun in the surf!
Justin Bing

SUP Stand up Paddleboard
      Canal Walk,
      Crystal Towers
  Stand up Paddleboard       Cape Town,
      Convention Centre



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